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Rebates and Incentives

The Marketing Program for 2019 consists of cash rebates, reduced electrical rates and 5% low interest financing. Cooperative members can take advantage of all three or a portion of the incentives, as desired.

Cash rebates and low interest financing are available on any of the following:

Energy Star Rated heat pump (air to air, geothermal) $600 & Loan
- Must be a minimum of a 2 ton system and the HSPF must be 8.5 or greater (AHRI Certificate required)

  • Electric Heating Systems are eligible for a reduced electrical rate on all energy used by the heating systems.
  • Systems will be sub metered to determine usage.
  • Meter to be installed at homeowner's expense.
  • Cooperative furnishes meter, socket, and CT, if required, at no cost to member.
  • Heat Pump Installations are eligible for reduced rate year round with air conditioning function controlled by load management system.
  • Cooperative furnishes load control device at no cost to member.

Marathon Water Heater Incentives

Replacing existing electric $6.00 per gal. rebate
Replacing gas unit wiring allowance $6.00 per gal. rebate + $50
New home construction $6.00 per gal. rebate
In new, "all-electric" home FREE - 85 gal. Marathon

Marathon Water Heater Rebates

  • 50 gallon - $300.00
  • 85 gallon - $510.00
  • 105 gallon - $630.00

*All Marathon water heaters must be connected to a load management system

*Cooperative provides load control device at no cost to member.

*All Marathon water heaters come with lifetime warranty against leaking to original owner (10 year transferable warranty to new owner).

*All components carry 6 year from date of manufacture warranty.

*Union County Electric carries three (3) sizes in stock - 50, 85, and 105 gallon models.

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